Intervention from the Study Circle 24 of September for the International Conference in Hamburg 25/10

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Comrades! We from the Study Circle 24 of September salute with great revolutionary delight and optimism the carrying out of this International Conference. We salute it organizer and its participants and extend a special greetings to the PCP and the People's War it leads, witch we are a product of .

This Conference come in a excellent time when the tasks for the Maoists, given out by the World situation clarifies more and more every day; the struggle for imposing Maoism as the only command and guide for the World Proletarian Revolution, concretized in the reconstitution of militarized marxist-leninst-maoist communist Parties of new type, witch develop People's War that is unified in a powerful tempest of world People's War. In Nepal have a moment under a banner of Maoism moved into the parliament of the landowners and the big bourgeoisie and do everything in there power to be so housetrained as possible in front of the imperialists. In USA a split-group has form out of the citadel of new revisionism, the so called RCP, and this housetrained, domesticated "Maoism" falls deeper and deeper in its crises. Also the general crises of imperialism become more clear in all spheres; political, military and economical. The now escalated economic crises is one more example of this general crisis and strikes with vast force against the people and proletariat, in both the oppressed nations and imperialist countries.

The SC249 is a movement in Sweden founded on marxism-leninism-maoism, gonzalos thought. We fight for imposing Maoism as new, third, and superior stage of Marxism and regards the People's War in Peru as a shining example of the application of Maoism. Therefore does our work include, of course, the defense of the life of Chairman Gonzalo and to generate public opinion in support of the People's War in Peru as the guiding torch of the World Revolution.

In Sweden the economical crisis have already stroked hard against parts of the working class, and more persons from the proletariat and the people get affected every day. The "warnings of losing once job" has increased during some weeks and the economic rent on houses has increased strongly even though the Central Bank has lowered their steering interest rate. Many are thrown down in misery and must go from house and home or strongly lower their living condition. Many get a hard awakening in seeing that they, being proletarians, does not own anything.

For Sweden, as for all lands in the world, the example to follow is not found in peace with the old system a'la "Prachanda path" or re-vision a'la the "new synthesis" of B. Avakian. No, the example is the People's War in Peru, from the struggle of Chairman Gonzalo to reconstitute the PCP to the latest victorious actions; that the Party have been firmly grasping the course and have a guiding thought, and a Great Leadership that has been guaranteeing this course, -Peoples War until Communism!

The People's War in Peru have resisted and overcome all problems that come up on the road of the revolution, by always uphold firmly the principles and apply gonzalo thought, not by horse-trading with the archenemy. The Great Leadership of the revolution was arrested, one group traitors and revisionists arose in the prisons and a quantitative loss in the three instrument happened, this combined with merciless campaigns from the enemy in their low-intensity warfare, in witch the psychological warfare and the so called "social actions" plays a important roll. Recently the imperialism, reaction and all revisionists croaked about "the death of Sendero" for the 100:th time, but every time they have had to eat up their words.

Newly the Peruvian armed forces staged a massive campaign to "smash Sendero in VRAE". Thousands of policies and military forces was mobilized, accompanied of huge contingents of so called self-defense forces (rondas), all under direct Yankee-command.

The contra campaign from the PCP came directly. A lot of actions of different type has been carried out, among those several ambush and direct battles, and a lot of armed propaganda and agitation actions. We salute with overwhelming joyfulness this triumphant contra-campaign that one more time confirm what can be achieved when you stay with the course.

Among all of the actions we would like to point out one of them that was carried out on the inter department road that combines Huancavelica with Ayacucho. The action vas initiated 7 pm the 9 of October, when a company of the People's Liberations Army (PLA) had placed out mines on the road that detonated when a troop transport, from the anti-subversive base Cochabamba Grande made a try for passing by. This troop was mad up by reactionary special forces, that is the best the reaction can work up. The company from PLA, was divided into three platoons that opened fire, with modern arms, against the forces of the reaction. The number of casualties varies in the reactionary press between 12-21, and their wounded between 14-17. The PCP than confiscated the weaponry from the soldiers and made a organized retreat without known losses. The week before 20 other wounded soldiers had been brought in on a military hospital in Lima.

This in only a small taste of this magnificent counter campaign that the Party now develop over the hole of Peru, always uphold firmly gonzalos thought.


Study Circle 24 September
October 2008