A message from Socialist Party of Iran SPI To: International Conference in Hamburg


Communism is a frame breaker. The main task of our ideology is to break and smash the frames that capitalism enforces it to masses for more exploitation and modern slavery. Traditional Overt and Covert Operations, is to thicken the frame and prevent the influence of Communism to destroy the walls of this frame and release people.

Capitalism learnt a lot from Marxism and passes through the experiences of traitors to spread it's propaganda that Communism time is over. Traitors are those who deal with Capitalism, or try to replace reformism instead of Revolutionay rules. A communist should never forget the view of Che Guevara that says leftists must seize power by force rather than submitting to established political rules. We believe in that this is the method of traitors.

We are not surprised that at the same time, and approximately with the same words and unfolded fears, the affiliated reactionaries in countries like Iran and turkey, have been trying to say to people that Marxism is dead.

We understand well that they are really shocked by growing and developing of Communism from Latin America, to Europe, Asia and Africa. The very harsh oppression, interferences, invasions, and using the instruments like the different sects of religions and traitors, proves that the main worry of unleashed Capitalism is the modern growing of revolutionary socialism, and not different "isms", Like Islamism which ruling class thought that will take place of "ism" in Communism. Capitalism is well aware that just this "ism" will continue to fight back, and develop the struggle to break down the frames and walls of imperialism as the highest degree of capitalism.

National Liberation, could pave the road for Guerrilla warfare, and ultimately people's war to destroy this brutal machine, but when it depends to different tools of the same machine and have ties to these facilities and any kind of affiliations, it works as the enemy of communism and pave the road for the other side against the struggle.

We have now a parallel enemy, which we have had since the beginning of this struggle. In current situation, this parallel enemy is more active than ever. This enemy, some times have even red banner and uses red words. Any approach and any kind of comprehension with this enemy are against the principals of communism. These enemies may be called Social Democrat, or even anti imperialist National Liberation movement. This enemy, cheat the people by repeating that it is challenging U.S. benefits. But the aim of this traitor is not to abolish capitalism. Instead, it's just a well known form of competition that will never end to destroy the ruling system, and finally it will stand against the Revolutionary Socialism and people's war towards Communism.

Comrades! We should never forget that any approach to Capitalism and Imperialism, by any means and banners, will strengthen the main enemy of proletariat struggle.

As Lenin emphasise, our task is to fight these traitors and anti revolutions parallel the historical struggle to destroy the machine of Bourgeois.

We should influence the masses, learn from our comrades in Latina America, and bring the people to the field without wasting the time, and continue to fight non-stop. Finally, as Chairman Mao and Che Guevara emphasises, we will not win this war, less we hand over the banner of Revolution to young generation.

Down with capitalism and Imperialism! long live Revolutionary Socialism! long lives Communism!

Socialist Party of Iran SPI